About Me

Let's start at the beginning.
Hello there! I'm Jacqueline, a Chinese-American living in California all my life. I'm twenty two and a recent psychology graduate with a minor in business. I'm horribly addicted to crime shows like Criminal Minds, Person of Interest, and Elementary. I'm a glutton for Asian food, especially sushi, and I have questionable tastes in music (Korean pop is my guilty pleasure). I don't have a cat, but if I did, I'd name it Luci Fur. I read to live vicariously through another person's writing since I'm terrible at it myself, as you can see by this introduction.

But I'm sure you're only here for me to talk books.
Bookcharmed is my little corner of the internet for archiving some of the books that have "caught my eye and tickled my fancy" as my high school teacher used to say. Expect many book reviews of adult and YA books, especially fiction and fantasy.

I suppose the best way to get to know me and my taste in books is to check out my Goodreads profile. You are also welcome to friend me there. I promise I won't bite (unless you're into that sort of thing).

Most likely, the books you'll find me reviewing here will be one of the following:
  • (Contemporary) Fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction
  • Romance (at my own discretion)
You are less likely to find me reviewing:
  • Self-published Ebooks
  • Non-Fiction
  • Horror
  • Erotic Romance
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