Where do you get your books? 
All books have been either purchased by me or borrowed unless otherwise stated. ARCs (advanced reader copies), on the other hand, have been given to me by the publishers for free in an exchange for an honest review. 

What is your rating system?
All books will be reviewed on the following scale:

Love It!
I really loved this book and highly recommend it. You'll most likely be seeing this book again at the end of the year when I bring it up a million times on the Best Of lists. I found little to no flaws about it, and would definitely reread it in the future.

Liked It!
Overall, while I might not have loved it, I still liked it for the most part. There might be some flaws with the book that took away my enjoyment, but they were minor enough that it didn't make me hate the book.

Did Not Like It.
I managed to finish the book, but for various reasons, it didn't make for a pleasant reading experience.

Did Not Finish (DNF).
As stated, I did not finish this book.

Will you review my book?
I'd be happy to review a book if a publisher/author contacts me directly. Keep in mind, however, that I reserve the right to say no if the book doesn't pique my interest as it wouldn't be fair to the author. I'm less likely to review a book if they are: self-published, non-fiction, horror/thriller, or romance (but you can always try!) I'm more likely to review a book if they are: literary fiction, young adult, science fiction, or fantasy. While physical copies are always appreciated, all digital copies (preferrably .epub) are welcome. Reviews will also be crossposted to Goodreads.

Would you host interviews, giveaways, blog tours, etc.?
If given the opportunity, I'd very much like to. Feel free to ask if you want to do anything other than a simple review.

If you have any requests, comments, questions, or concerns, please email me at lackadaisilyy[at]gmail.com. Emails are checked several times a day, so you will most likely get a response from me within a day or two. You can also send me a tweet @bookcharms.


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