Moist Panties and Other Cringe-Inducing Words

A few days ago, my friends and I had a fun conversation about words like moist and panties. It's always amused me that certain words are so commonly hated. While most of my friends get a bit squeamish when they hear those two words, I never really had a problem with them. I actually like the word panties except on the rare occasions when it is preceded with the word moist, because no one wants to think about wet underwear.

The conversation made me wonder, however, if there were other words that had the same effect on me as moist and panties had on others. After thinking about it for a while, I realized that yes, there were a few words that give me the shivers and that I sometimes encountered them in my reading. It doesn't happen too often, but when these cringe-inducing words do pop up, it's still one time too many. You might not want to be eating anything when reading this list.


CHAGRIN, shuh-grin [noun]: A feeling of being frustrated or annoyed because of failure or disappointment.
(Bad) Example: He heaved a sigh, chagrined by her refusal.
Why I Dislike It: There are just some unpleasant sounding words out there, and chagrin is deeply irritating to my ears. Shuh-grin.  Blech. I don't know why certain authors love to use this word.

OOZE, ooz [verb]: To flow out slowly; to show (a quality, emotion, etc.) very clearly or strongly.
(Bad) Example: His posture practically oozed confidence.
Why I Dislike It: When a character is said to be oozing confidence or sexiness, I have the terrible image of a pus-like liquid slowly flowing out of every orifice on a person. It's not a pretty sight. Alternatively, I think Ivan Ooze from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie.

BABE, beyb [noun, slang]: A person and especially a young woman who is sexually attractive.
(Bad) Example: "Just get in the car, babe."
Why I Dislike It: Some people love to be called by these nicknames or terms of endearment, but they're not something I enjoy personally. Unless we're talking about the sheep-pig, I'd rather avoid the word babe as much as I can.

SUCCUMB, suh-kuhm [verb]: To stop trying to resist something
(Bad) Example: She knew she had to find him before he succumbed to the darkness within him completely.
Why I Dislike It: The reason why I dislike this word is pretty much the same reason why I can't stand the word chagrin. It's just an ugly word to say. It also seems like I encounter this word at least once every time I read a "dark" book. (There's also a really childish reason why this word gets to me, but let's not go there. Heh.)

(Bad) Example(s): "Inner goddess," "Fat pink mast," "man-meat," the list could go on forever...
Why I Dislike It: Ah yes. Some phrases can be unintentionally funny while others are just plain disturbing. I don't know if authors are actually expecting us find phrases like "velvety folds" or "rod of love" arousing, but I find myself just crossing my legs and screaming internally when I encounter them.

What about you, readers? Do these words bother you the same way they bother me? Are there any other words that make you cringe? They don't have to be common words you encounter in fiction, and your aversion doesn't have to be rational. Just answer in the comments and see if anyone hates the same words you do.


  1. I love The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie! Haha. It's so awesome (yes, I'm apparently still 12).

    Moist doesn't bother me too much, because sometimes it's the only word I can think of to describe how gorgeously moist a cake is lol. Other people make it dirty and ruin my baking experience! :P

    Oh, dude, the euphemisms for vagina / penis: I SO AGREE. They're all horrible. I remember reading something once about his 'manhood swelling'. WHAT THE HELL?! Tip, don't read Fifty Shades because it's full of crap like that. I don't think anyone says the word vagina or penis once. (Also, you shouldn't read Fifty Shades because, well, it's Fifty Shades).

  2. Hahah rod of love... Wow they really come up with some doosies, don't they? I haven't found a good synonym for either penis or vagina yet either :p and PANTIES God I hate the word panties. It is "underwear" >.< At the moment those are the only word peeves I can think of... I know there's more words I don't like because of their ugly sound, but no examples are coming to mind!

  3. I totally the same way with the word moist! Haha all I can think of is CAKE!

  4. Haha, The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie was such a huge part of my childhood. I remember owning the VHS (omg) and watching it over and over again. And yet I don't remember watching any other Power Rangers series...

    And I know some people who hate the word moist so much, they won't even describe cakes with it, but I can't think of any other way to describe them either. "Not dry"?

    I haven't read Fifty Shades, and I'm not planning to, but I hear a lot of talk about it, especially about an "inner goddess." Like ???? what is that supposed to mean?

  5. There's an entire list of sex euphemisms here, and I laughed at some of them and was more confused on most of them. Who comes up with these really? I think panties is a fun word to say myself, but it does have a dirtier connotation than underwear to me.

  6. When I read "rod of love" I just couldn't stop laughing. People really use that?! I guess that's why I don't enjoy erotica or anything particularly descriptive in romance. I mean, I don't like the fade-to-black, but I don't need his penis to be referred to as a rod of love. That just makes the entire scene...juvenile. Not to mention no self-respecting woman should ever refer to her vagina as "velvety folds." ?!?!?! Where are these terms coming from?!?! Why are they being allowed? Sigh.

    I also don't like the word succumb, but I suppose it's because it just reminds me of a dominance thing. It's in a lot of romance novels, and is never used in a way that I particularly like.

    Haha, good post. This one got a laugh out of me!

  7. Same here! I fricken loved that movie, but I never watched the TV show or any of the other films.

    Fifty Shades is ... oh, dear. My friend made me read it as part of a bet and I was close to suicide. She says inner goddess a lot, but also calls her vagina 'my sex' which cracked me up. It's so weird.

  8. Cake is all I can think of in most scenarios anyway :P

  9. Moist. **shudder** Such a gross word.
    Great Power Rangers reference. My son is addicted to Power Rangers (they're all on Netflix), but he prefers Power Rangers Samurai the best. Not quite as cringe-worthy as the original ones are now.

  10. HAHAHA OMG I CAN'T...these are SO BAD. Blue vein meatroll?! Bathtub eel?! What the heck! XD