Weekly Roundup: 12.23 - 01.05

I wasn't able to post a Weekly Roundup last week, so this post will be summing up the last two weeks. I can't say much about my Christmas and New Year's Eve though. They were pretty uneventful. This week, I did manage to finish reading a few books (reviews to come later this month) and write up a few scheduled posts. Yay! It's fun when you  procrastinate, but it always feels better when you are actually productive.

I'm Currently Reading

The Waking Engine
by David Edison

I'm enjoying what I read so far. The City Unspoken seems like a hauntingly beautiful place (that I would never want to visit), and Edison is a master wordsmith when it comes to imagery.

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The Veronica Mars theatrical trailer is out!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! I actually have no links of interest for you this week, so just enjoy the Veronica Mars trailer and let yourself be introduced to the beauty that is We Used To Be Friends by The Dandy Warhols and Sway by The Perishers.

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  1. Leigh (Little Book Star)January 5, 2014 at 5:04 PM

    My Christmas was awesome, but New Year's was all right. People in my neighborhood (except for one of our neighbors) are so freaking boring! I remember last new year's we were jamming in our garage and one of our neighbors called the cops to shut us up. Seriously? Like, go live in a cave or something during New Year's if you don't want noise. -__- Lol. Anyways, I hate feeling unproductive when it comes to blogging. I actually used my winter break to write posts all the way up to March 20. So yup. January and February should be a chill months for me (well, blogging life in this case).

  2. That sucks about your neighbors complaining. New Year's should be that one time of the year where people can party past midnight without complaints. Were the cops understanding at least?

    And wow, tell me your secrets! How do you schedule months in advance? The most I can do is write posts for two weeks at most.