Bookish Mugs: Gifts for the Caffeinated Book Lover

Lately, I've been really obsessed with cute mugs and cups. If you've ever seen Being Human (UK), then you might've noticed how Annie, George, and John have an entire counter in their kitchen dedicated to an odd and mismatched assortment of mugs. That's kind of what I want to have. It doesn't help that with the cold snap in California these past few weeks, my household has been stocking up on a lot of hot chocolate and hot apple cider. And I mean A LOT. These book-related mugs are a few of my favorites that I would love for myself, but they'd also make great gifts for the caffeinated book lover.

Shakespearean Insult Mug, $12.95
From The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild
I never really learned to appreciate the Bard until we spent an entire class dedicated to analyzing the insults in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I don't know anyone else who could make the word "acorn" sound so insulting. Personally, my favorite Shakespearean insult is "a painted maypole." Unfortunately, that isn't featured on this mug, but there are still 30 other insults including "canker-blossom" and "thou art a boil, a plague sore." There's also a Shakespearean love version as well, but it's pretty obvious which mug is superior.

Disappearing Chesire Cat, $12.95
From The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild
There are already a lot of creative  heat reactive mugs out there, but I love how it perfectly fits with the Chesire cat. When the mug is filled with hot water, the cat will disappear leaving only its grin. My only complaint is that it probably wouldn't be a good gift for someone who was left-handed.

I Solemnly Swear... Mischief Managed Transforming Mug, $19.95
From Warner Bros. Official Store
Another heat-reactive transforming mug and a perfect gift for a Harry Potter fan. It's like ~magic~.

Emma Bridgewater Happiness Coffee Mug, £17.95
From Rigby & Mac
Out of all the mugs on this list, this is probably my favorite. It's simple, with just the phrase "Happiness is a cup of coffee and a really good book... and a piece of cake," but it evokes such a comforting image of reading a nice novel by the warm lit fireplace while covered in several layers of blankets and a cup of hot chocolate by your side. Yeah, I could live with that.

Bookworm Mug, $15
From Society6
I just really love the colors on this mug from the light greens to the bright oranges.

Read Books Mug, $15
From Society6
It's a bit hard to see in the preview, but the mug has the words "Read Books" spelled out in Scrabble pieces. For those who love books and games.

Weapons of Mass Creation, $15
From Society6
Society6, in general, has some really great book-related mugs out there, it made it really difficult for me to limit my favorites to three. However, I really love this one for its simplicity. Black and white drawn pens wrap around a mug for a cute, simple mug for writers.

Get Shit Done Coffee Mug, $16
From Startup Vitamins
Whether its meeting a deadline, homework, reading books, or writing one, I found that the best motivation a person can give themselves are the extremely rude ones. You wouldn't believe all the insults and cuss words I've called myself in my organizer, reminding me rather rudely that I should be working on this or that. The mug also comes in different colors and either in glossy or matte.

Create Your Own Customizable Mug, $14.95
From Starbucks
If you found the Get Shit Done mug too rude (or not rude enough), you can also create your own customizable mug. With a glazing pen, fill it in with your own motivational mantra or favorite book quote.

Little Red Umbrella Mug, $21.95
From Storenvy
The cutest mug on the list, this Little Red Riding Hood mug comes with a tea strainer and a little umbrella top to keep your drink warm.

BONUS! Black & White Kitty Cat Mug, $25
From Storenvy
This mug isn't book-related at all, I just found it really cute and want it for myself. JUST LOOK AT IT.

Which ones on this list are your favorites? If you have your own book-related mug (or just a really cute mug you want to share), share a picture of it in the comments below!


  1. I love the ones on Society6, and also love that i can get an iphone case with that same bookish print on it! I just posted a gift guide myself, and there is a john green coffee mug I found that was absolutely perfect.


  2. Society6 is such a convenient site, and they have so many great art prints, bookish or not. Thanks for commenting!