Weekly Roundup: 12.16 - 12.22

Happy Holidays, everyone! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ・゜・。・*:.。.:*・゜I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas this week. I'm not sure what my family will be doing for the holidays (we're all terrible planners), but I have a feeling my siblings and I will be cooking the holiday meal this year. Maybe some lamb chops? Some creamy garlic mashed potatoes? Some roasted brussels sprouts? What else? I probably should stop planning the dinner right now as all this food talk is making me hungry!

Anyway, since this week will be busy, I probably won't be posting all that much this week. I also want to get ahead in my blogging and schedule reviews in advance, but for that to happen, I'll actually have to spend more time reading.

What's everyone's plan for the holidays? Are you doing anything special? Are there any special books you're planning to read during the break?

I'm Currently Reading

by Holly Lauren

When I read the premise, I thought this was Fantasy YA, but what I've read so far seems more like contemporary romance. Despite that, I'm liking what I've read so far, especially all of the flirting going on. 

Hang Wire
by Adam Christopher

Exploding fortune cookies. That's it.

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Links of Interest
  • New author to continue 'The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo' series - To me, this sounds like a bad idea. It's one thing to continue the series if you know how the original author wanted it to end and you were able to use his notes, like how Brandon Sanderson completed Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time series. From what I gathered from the article, however, this new author won't be using what Stieg Larsson had already written for a fourth book, which makes this sound more like fanfiction rather than canon...
  • Harry Potter Stage Play - So there's going to be a Harry Potter stage play. Considering how successful Matilda the Musical was and how much I really want to see that, I wouldn't mind a Harry Potter play! The only thing I'm weary about is that it's supposed to focus on Harry's life before Hogwarts. No Ron? No Hermione? Hmm....
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