Top Ten Tuesdays (#2): Top Ten Things I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesdays is a weekly blog meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish that allows readers to share their lists and opinions on a number of subjects from their top ten book covers to their top ten villains.

This week's topic for November 26th is Top Then Things I Am Thankful For. I tried to keep most of the things bookish, but there are some things that take precedence. In no particular order, I am thankful for...

For getting me to read more.

There's always going to be people fighting between physical books and e-books, but I, for one, love my e-reader. I know I wouldn't have read as many books this past year without it. (Also, it helped me save money when buying textbooks for school. Yay!) Thank you.

For everything.

Ah, the internet. It's simultaneously a tool for productivity and an instrument for procrastination. Not only is it a great way to learn about new and popular books, it's a great way to keep updated with everything else, ranging from general world news to what your friends did the night before. I also met a lot of great friends via the internet. Thank you. 

For getting me through the day.

If it weren't for coffee, tea, pearl milk tea, or an occasional alcoholic drink, I wouldn't have been able to get through most of my days/nights, especially in college. I'd like to give a special thanks to Starbuck's Frappy Hours, McDonald's $1 sweet teas with lemons, and every Tapioca Express open past 10pm. Thank you.

For so much.

If it weren't for my parents, I wouldn't be here. (Although when you think about it, ew.) It wasn't until during/after college that I really learned to really appreciate their support and how lucky I was to have the parents that I do. I only hope that I'll be able to repay them back for everything they did for me in the future. Thank you.

For being the best writing utensil ever.

Okay, so this may seem a bit trivial and random, but when you're left-handed, the little things matter. I can always trust a G2 pen not to smear whenever I use it, even when my palms are sweaty in the middle of an three-hour exam involving three essays. Thank you.

For free books and a quiet study place.

The local public library was a large part of my childhood. I probably went there every weekend, borrowing several new books and movies each time. It was through the library that I learned of some of my now favorite authors and some great movies/television series like Tamora Pierce and The 10th Kingdom. The library was also a great place to study for college. I could practically spend the entire day in one. Thank you.

For getting me to read more.

I already mentioned before that Harry Potter was the one series to get me to enjoy reading, so while there's not much more for me to add, I can't leave this off the list of things I am thankful for. Thank you. 

For introducing me to Harry Potter.

Out of all my elementary school teachers, my fourth grade teacher was the one I remember the most and have the most fondest memories of. Immediately after she read the Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to us in class, I went out and bought the rest of the series to read on my own. It also wasn't until her class that I really started to enjoy learning. Thank you.

For being the best place on earth.

Okay, so saying California is the "best place on earth" may be an exaggeration, but between the diverse population, the beautiful weather, and the fact that the only natural disaster we have to worry about is an earthquake and/or tsunami, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Also, did I mention the beautiful weather? Thank you.

For being there.

No, I don't mean the show although I wouldn't mind having friends that will stick with me for the next 10+ years. I don't need a lot of friends, I'm just grateful for the small group of friends I have now who I can talk to whenever I want about anything. Thank you.

And that's all for my top ten list! What are you thankful for? I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend! Speaking of weekends, I'm also thinking of doing my own mini-Readathon this weekend. Do you have any quick book recommendations? Leave a comment below!


  1. Ah! I love how original your list is! <3 We have some things in common :)

    (and your gratefulness to California is super cute, I've been there two summers in a row after participating in an Exchange and meeting the most awesome people on earth ;) haha so no exaggeration!)

    Here is my contribution to this weeks Top Ten Tuesday: http://irisjexx.com/ttt-things-i-am-thankful-for/

  2. Abby @ abbbzandbookzNovember 26, 2013 at 4:02 AM

    I laughed at the Internet LOL because yeah Internet is a blessing!!! HAHAHA love your list ;)

  3. Hah what a great list! I am also thankful for the internet, drinks, libraries, harry potter, friends & family, and I'm sure if I tried these magical pens I'd be thankful for them too =P

    Nicole @ < a href="http://thequietconcert.blogspot.com/2013/11/top-ten-totally-random-little-things-in.html">The Quiet Concert