Weekly Roundup 11.18 - 11.24

Hello peeps! Thanksgiving is coming soon. For those who celebrate Thanksgiving, have a good holiday. For those who don't, have a great week. And be safe on Black Friday (or Thursday depending on where you're planning to shop)!

This Past Week on Bookcharmed

I'm Currently Reading

World After
by Susan Ee

The sequel to Angelfall, I've been waiting for this book for a long, long time. I'm already about halfway through, and I'm loving every. little. bit.

Princesses Behaving Badly
by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

It's a nonfiction/biography book, and I'm not sure how I'll review it or even if I will review it, but I can't say no to learning about real life kick-ass princesses.

Links of Interest
  • Harry Potter in Real Life - An 11-year-old actor dressed as Harry Potter into New York's Pennsylvania Station to search for Platform 9 3/4. If only they filmed this at King's Cross station instead.
  • Rapping Without the Letter E - Andrew Huang raps an entire two and a half minute rap without using the letter e. Get ready for your mind to be blown.
  • How to Dress So Basic Bros Leave You Alone - Huffington Post recently conducted a survey asking men  to complete the sentence "I hate when women wear..." Unsurprisingly, they had a lot to say.

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  1. I'm glad you're enjoying World After! The last quarter or so was my favourite part. ;) I haven't seen that Harry Potter in Real Life video before, so thanks for sharing.

    I love your blog design, by the way. :)

  2. Hi Sam! I just finished reading World After today, and the last quarter was my favorite, too. The only problem is, I don't know what I loved best: Raffe or Pooky Bear. D:

    And thank you! I was afraid the design was too simple, but I'm glad you love it. Thanks for stopping by!